Old Vases

A male and two female vases posing in the sill!
My contribution to: “The Weekend In B&W”

31 comments on “Old Vases”

  1. good evening
    A beautiful topic – cut glass appropriates well in light and give you a beautiful photo! Good weekend

  2. Nydelig lys i dette opettet av ulike glass, fine refleksjoner!

  3. The vases lend themselves to black and white.

  4. Nydelige vaser og flott bilde.
    God helg 🙂

  5. Wow! very nice composition.

  6. Beautiful light! The patterns show up really well.

  7. Flott lys i bildet ditt – vasane får vise seg frå sine beste sider!

  8. Yes, beautiful shapes and tones in the glass! beautiful photos!

  9. Great details and a beautiful photo.

  10. Smuk introduktion til dit billede 🙂
    Mange hilsner

  11. Så snyggt med vasernas olika strukturer. 🙂

  12. Such beautiful glassware looking stunning on parade.

  13. Lovely patterns in the glass.

  14. A wonderful image with great light!

  15. Ha – I’d never thought of male and females vases! Great composition and beautiful light.

  16. Vilket snyggt foto in b&w!

  17. What a lovely patterns!
    Thanks for stopping by Hans, happy weekend.

  18. Beautiful photo. I love how the light reflects off the cut glass. Thanks for stopping to view my B&W post.

  19. Thank you very much Hans!

  20. Love the contrasting shapes and textures in the glass


  21. love your shot, great detail and contrast

  22. lol, took me back to my grandmother 🙂

  23. Lekkert Hans, gå ut og fyll dem med sommerblomster 🙂

  24. nice and shining 🙂

  25. Very nice composition.

  26. Lekkert! In symbolism a vase in itself is always female, but the middle one seem to be a hermaphrodite?
    Ha en god søndag!

  27. Just read the other comments, this lovely photo takes me back to my grandmother as well! 🙂

  28. A beautiful picture. It sure brings forth a feeling of times gone by. Well captured with light from behind and still the three vases standing out from the dark background. I love the patterns and reflections/refraction that brings out the pattern.

  29. These remind me of my grandmother. And the portrait was arresting. Perfect.

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