The End Of A Festival

Flooding was the end of Sommerfestivalen 2014. The last 9 years I have been working for NRK Trøndelag taking photos from this Festival! The same happened in 2010. I feel sorry for the organizers! More photos: “NRK Trøndelag”  and just scroll down (3 albums)!
My contribution to: “Black & White Wednesdays” –  “The Weekend In B&W”

37 comments on “The End Of A Festival”

  1. Velvalgt motiv, Hans 🙂

  2. “Druknet” kunne vel ha vært en dobbeltbunnet tittel. Synd med festivalen, men den gav opphav til et meget bra bilde 🙂

  3. Interesting photo. I like

  4. Som Hanna sier,- et meget velvalgt motiv, som jeg likte svært godt! Masse flotte bilder du har tatt i forbindelse med disse festivalene, Hans!
    Er det lov i denne sammenheng å spørre hvilke objektiver du foretrekker til slike anledninger, med din lange erfaring?

  5. were you in Finland for midsummer 🙂 Great Hans!

  6. Looks like a good one!

  7. Flommet eller druknet…aiaiaii I feel sorry for everyone involved including you having to work under this cold and wet conditions. Great though, that NRK are so happy with your work and come back to you year after year! 🙂 We are proud on your behalf! 🙂

  8. Very creative shot ~ for BWW ~ thanks, xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Very nice finish, delightful photo!

  10. love the stillness of the bottles in contrast with the rushing water. Great composition. Lovely photo!

  11. That shot says it all! Wonderful.

  12. These look like tired “dead soldiers”. Fine after the party photo. Sorry to hear about the rain and flooding. Hope everyone was safe.

  13. Excellent composition! It actually looks almost too tidy for post-festival leavings.

  14. Det var ett riktigt bra och cool foto!

  15. Great photo, sometimes the things go a wrong way. Rain on an open air festival is a disaster.

  16. such sobering sadness

  17. Great shot ! Who emptied the bottles? 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

  18. Som avholdsmann har eg aldri sett den store skjønnheten i slike flasker (…), men dette bildet likte eg! Synd med festivalen, då. Ikkje alltid at naturen spelar på lag.

  19. I like the composition very much.

  20. Those lone bottles and rushing water behind suggest dramatic abandonment. An atmospheric photo.

  21. Fint komponerad bild! 🙂

  22. Ännu en riktigt snygg bild.

  23. Your shot conveys many stories behind. Very dramatic.
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  24. Never mind, you can always buy more.

  25. Shame about the flooding.. this is a fabulous image though that really sums up the ‘washed out’ nature of the event


  26. someone was sloppy, not cleaning up their litter. Not you I believe.

  27. A good pairing!

  28. What a shame about the floods. This is a wonderful image, though.

  29. I, too, like the juxtaposition of the bottles and the raging river. Wonderful photo and composition. Thanks for visiting my B&W this weekend.

  30. Herlig bilde … kunne like gjerne vært tatt her på Oddane etter helgens festligheter 🙂

  31. Sieht nach einer durchzechten Nacht aus 😉
    Cooles Foto.

  32. Someone didn’t care about the weather and has a good time in spite of the rain. Nice image.

  33. Fint komponerad bild. Blev det bara två flaskor över efter festen?

    Ha en fin dag

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