The Profile

My contribution to: “Black And White Wednesdays”“The Weekend In B&W”

44 comments on “The Profile”

  1. Smukt portræt ❤

  2. Very striking.

  3. Great detail – even on the skin, Well done Hans!

  4. Perfectly so beautiful. She looks like my daughter! ❤ Sweet face!

  5. Absolutely spotless work, we’re impressed, Hans. That’s a lovely model and a very beautiful, flawless presentation.
    Best wishes from us in Fredrikstad! 🙂

  6. Creative and professional editing shot for BWW ~ thanks, ^_^

  7. Nice profile, a softness!
    Photo refined charm that gives
    good week

  8. Wonderful profile.

  9. Lovely photo! Excellent for black and white example.

  10. If anyone can convert me perhaps its you. Nice profile!

  11. Smashing picture Hans!

  12. Lovely. Stunning composition! Thanks for linking up!

  13. Interesting take on a portrait

  14. Beautiful! I love the delicate detail, and the way you framed this.

  15. Great profile portrait.

  16. really a great pic!

  17. Mycket snyggt b&w porträtt!!

  18. Very nice portret!

  19. Ett mycket vackert foto!

  20. VIlken superläcker bild!
    Du levererar alltid!
    Ha en bra helg!

  21. Nice image, thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. A wonderful photo.

  23. Hans, you always do so well with models. Beautiful.

  24. That tenderness! It’s a wonderful profile!

  25. Wonderful composition.

  26. A lovely, thoughtful profile.

  27. Absolutely gorgeous portrait!!

  28. Love this.Wonderful profile.

  29. Simple and elegant.

  30. Nydelig profil med flott kontrast mot det svarte.

  31. Stunning, love the you can see the fine soft hair on her skin and detail of her eye lash is amazing


  32. Beautiful portrait Hans!

  33. Really a great portrait!

  34. Meget fint og alternativt portræt, man ser så tydeligt kontur og linjer i ansigtet.

  35. nicely framed 🙂
    happy new year 🙂

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