The Log Cabin

From a scene in the play about St. Olav at Stiklestad, Norway. Photo is taken at midnight. (23.54)
My contribution to: “The Weekend In B&W” using Gitzo GM3551 monopod.

34 comments on “The Log Cabin”

  1. Mystical beauty sir

  2. Den ser nesten ut som det stammer fra Olavs tid 🙂
    Fin stemning.

  3. Vakkert hus i nydelig belysning!
    Der ser det koselig ut!
    Ha en flott helg

  4. Beautifully composed black and white shot.

  5. Looks like a great place to live, secluded by the trees. I’ve always liked cabins and you photographed this one so well.

  6. So atmospheric, I love the lighting.

  7. Powerful image!

  8. Ser ut och ligga på en härlig plats, en fin passande bild i B&W.
    Ha en bra helg!

  9. I love this wonderful B & W, mysterious and beautiful forest!

  10. what a enchanted place

  11. The Scandinavians do like their summer houses. By the way, my photo of the monk was taken in mono mode on the X20. When I do mono in digital I always use the camera in mono mode; I don’t shoot raw (life’s too short) and don’t convert from colour.

  12. Great photo, looks mystical.

  13. Must be nice to spend a summer in a hut like that!

  14. I like the grey tones on the cabin.

  15. Love the lighting in this night shot!

  16. God stemning i dette bildet, Hans. Lyset er utrolig fint med tanke på hvilket tidspunkt på døgnet bildet er tatt! Mulig det er kunstig lys med i bildet, men uansett!

    God lørdag!


  17. Beautiful photo! I like the play of dark and light in this shot!

  18. Thank you very much Hans!

  19. The light in this is really haunting


  20. Vilken härlig bild! Tycker om perspektivet och ljuset – mycket snyggt fotat!

  21. Vacker bild!
    Svar: Jag måste godkänna kommentarerna på min blogg innan de syns… därför försvinner de för dig, men de finns kvar. 🙂

  22. very beautiful and moody scene!!
    wish you a nice Sunday, Hans.

  23. This is a wonderful shot! The details are just gorgeous.

  24. Beautiful b&w image! I love the mysterious feel of the trees in the background.

  25. Interesting image!

  26. Dark & mysterious. Great!

  27. that looks great 🙂

  28. Very nice. I like the dark, mysterious feel to it.

    Sorry I’m so late in commenting. My internet service kept going out all weekend, and then I got caught up in a huge project.
    Thanks for visiting my B&W image for Aug 1.

  29. Your wonderful photography makes me even more eager to visit Norway:) A great black and white – so atmospheric!

  30. How mysterious and utterly gorgeous!

  31. Herlig stemning i dette bildet selv om jeg ikke setter pris på hva Olav gjorde.;-)

  32. Beautiful cabin in the woods and a soft light of midnight! great success

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