The Camel Boy

A proud owner and an Arabic Camel relaxing together!
My contribution to: “The Weekend In B&W”“Black & White Wednesdays”“Sky Watch Friday”“Weekly Top Shot”

65 comments on “The Camel Boy”

  1. Det var skikkelig eksotisk – et høyst uvanlig par å se her omkring og en himmel som kunne være en Ansel Adams verdig 🙂

  2. What a great shot. Where did you take it?

  3. That picture is great.
    And I’m sure I would love to take some
    pictures of sand dunes and more.
    But it’s so hot there 🙂
    Have a great evening

  4. Vakkert 🙂

  5. A great complicity between them !!

  6. Such sweet camaraderie. The intricate tapestry on the camel saddle is amazing.

  7. What a great shot.

  8. What an amazing shot! I love all the details that you found and the affection between the boy and his camel is just perfectly captured.

  9. Så fint kamelen vilar i hans knä. Snyggt fotat!

  10. Great shot! Lovely clear details on the fabric, the hair on the camel, the clouds in the sky, the sand…

  11. Fantastic frame. Looks terrific in B&W!

  12. Very lovely portrait of men and beast!

  13. Wonderful photo

  14. Magnificent ~ beyond words ~ BW shot of the amazing camel and owner!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  15. Awesome shot!!

  16. Beautiful. You can sense the love.

  17. Wonderful shot! I can’t imagine feeling this at ease with a camel! The strong foreground is a great contrast to the wide open space beyond. Really stunning shot! Thanks for linking up!

  18. I love, lovely B & W, very nice place, excellent portrait!

  19. Great shot

  20. Oh, this is a wonderful capture indeed!! A handsome camel and a proud young man!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Knall! Et noe uvanlig motiv for oss nordboere. Veldig fint fanget. Liker konverteringen til sort/hvitt.

  22. What a perfect composition and use of black and white. The personality of the boy really comes out.

  23. I love it – it’s exquisite in B&W.

  24. A really interesting and powerful image. Congratulations on capturing this, Hans!

  25. he really looks so proud, fantastic shot!

  26. A wonderful shot.

  27. Fantastiskt vackert foto.

  28. This is fantastic!

  29. I have seen many camels but this is the nicest camel photo I have ever seen!

  30. Wow,- fantastisk portrett, Hans! God dybde i bildet, og så flotte detaljer i kamel og rytter! (eller kalles det fører, kanskje…) Toppers!
    God helg til deg, Hans:)

  31. Great picture, as usual in your blog. Well done, Hans

  32. What an excellent portrait! Everything just right.

  33. B&W was the perfect choice to bring out the textures/details..kudos..

  34. Wonderful shot in black & white.

  35. Impressive and beautiful photo.

  36. snygg komposition här tycker jag . 🙂

  37. This is an excellent photograph.

  38. Thank you very much Hans!

  39. Beautiful photograph. I love all the textures.

  40. Love your shot. Wonderful friendship.

  41. Excellent shot! Lots of texture.

  42. Beautiful portrait of both the boy’s enigmatic expression and the camel’s steady patience.

  43. Snyggt! Verkligen en vacker bild.

  44. All your photos are great!!!

  45. Astonishing!
    What a myriad of textures. Beautiful B&W Hans.

  46. Å så vakkert bilde!

  47. Wonderful image Hans… excellent contrasts and a peek into a very different life.

  48. Vackert foto! 🙂

  49. Stunning image, you really captured the relationship between these two


  50. Rigtig fint komponeret foto, Hans.

  51. For et herlig bilde, perfekt i B&W. Jeg blir helt misunnelig hver gang jeg ser dine B&W arbeider. De har alle en usedvanlig vakker glød og en intens utstrålning.

  52. very beatiful Hans! a strong portrait.

  53. si respira l’quello spirito di libertà che solo l deserto può infondere

  54. You have been traveling – so many different places. Great shot.

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