Blue Wildebeests

Blue wildebeests (Gnus) at Ngorongoro – Tanzania.
My contribution to: “Black & White Wednesdays”“The Weekend In B&W”“Weekly Top Shot”


48 comments on “Blue Wildebeests”

  1. Fabulous shot Hans!

  2. Slikt som jeg bare kan drømme om 🙂
    Striper og sort-hvit er bare stort!

  3. Fantastiske billeder, Hans. Det må være meget interessant at iagttage dyrene i deres naturlige miljø ❤

  4. Flott med den duse bakgrunnen som gir intrykk av stort åpent landskap og varmt vær.

  5. wooow, great shot, and very nice in b&w!
    visiting from The weekend in black and white’.

  6. Flott bilde, Hans …. jeg drømmer fremdeles om å oppleve dette!

  7. Beautiful! it reminds me of the drawing in the prehistoric grottoes !!

  8. Stunning! Visiting Tanzania must have been a wonderful experience.

  9. I always thought that the name Wildebeests are so interesting. Great image. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  10. Fascinating subjects, made even more dramatic rendered in b/w!

  11. Striking and beautiful views of the herd, beautiful photo in B & W !!

  12. What a great shot.

  13. Awesome capture and experience, I’m sure.

  14. Great photo! Wish I could travel. Also nice to see your settings. Thanks for the share.

  15. They look like powerful animals!

  16. Wow! Beautiful shot.

  17. Striking animals. An excellent photo.

  18. Riktigt bra foto!

  19. Glimrende, Hans! Likte så godt den korte dybdeskarpheten, og dyrene “kledde” veldig godt konverteringen!
    Vært på tur nå?
    Uansett,- en flott helg ønsker jeg deg 🙂

  20. Splendid subject matter. Great scene.

    Visiting from BLACK AND WHITE WEEKEND.


  21. Fantastic Hans! It must be wonderful to travel as you do, thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  22. Well done, Hans. I gnu you could do a great photo.

  23. Wonderful monochrome shot.

  24. Snygg komposition och fin gråskala!

  25. Fascinating, great shot
    This is my post in BW
    Kind regards

  26. Fabulous detail in this image


  27. what an amazing shot – so cool in B&W!
    hope you’ll come link up at

  28. Cool shot! I’ve always been partial to the gnus.

  29. Gnuer – er det ikke vel Hans? Et vakkert – fredelig og beroligende billede dette! Takk for visningen 😀

  30. Awesome contribution!! Love your work (as always Hans!!) !!!!!

  31. Thank you very much!

  32. Thought I was at a National Geographic site…nicely done♪

  33. Fantastic treatment done to the image. Looks great.

  34. They don’t look blue but they are striking beasts!

  35. Creative BW shot of the Wildebeasties!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  36. Fabulous shot – these guys look a wee bit scary! Thanks for linking up!

  37. Beautiful and very impressive capture, especially in such crowded surroundings! These creatures look scary!

  38. great b&w!!!

  39. Merkelig dyr. Min datter syntes de var “uharmoniske”. Jeg vet da Søren hva hun egentlig mente 🙂 Flott bilde.

  40. Dejligt at se flere af dine fotos fra Tanzania! Se nogle af mine nye fra Jordan fra nu af på min blog 🙂

  41. Great shot, Hans.

  42. ogni tanto ci si perde sui blog…ma è magnifico ritrovarsi, specialmente se si hhanno in dono queste immagini superbe

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