Skansen Bridge

The bridge was designed by Joseph Strauss, who among other things also constructed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. It was opened on March 22, 1918.
My contribution to: “The Weekend in B&W”“Black & White Wednesdays”“Weekend Reflections”

45 comments on “Skansen Bridge”

  1. Flott bro og flotte refleksjoner 🙂
    Ha en fin kveld 🙂

  2. Super black and white image Hans! 🙂

  3. Excellent capture of the the structure and its reflection.

  4. I have just seen this bridge on this meme in colour but it works well in B & W.

  5. Excellent i b&w!

  6. A good picture of this interesting structure

  7. Riktigt bra fotat! Snyggt i b&w!

  8. really a great b&w pic

  9. It’s alive! And it’s coming ashore to eat us!

  10. Great photo and building!

  11. Love the reflection!

  12. This is a bridge? At first sight, I thought this construction was a Bagger, now I know better. Wow, this railway bridge across the Trondheimkanal is unique in Norway and only one of a few of its kind left in the world. Your photo is better than any professional ones I saw as I investigated the matter. Beautiful shot, Hans! 👍
    Heia Norge i Falun! 👍

  13. What a great shot of this unique structure.

  14. Wonderful tones, composition, angles ~ Divine photography!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  15. Nice composition.

    Visiting from BLACK AND WHITE WEEKEND.


  16. Great construction ! Especially nice in b/w!

  17. In b&w it shows even more power 😀

  18. Wow. The reflection is awesome.

  19. Good frame! Also perfect on B & W !!

  20. Stilig bru! Stilig bilde 🙂

  21. great Bw, love the reflection and contrast here

  22. Wonderful shot in black and white.

  23. Excellent ines and lovely reflections.

  24. Brilliant, fantastic reflection

  25. Brilliant photo in B&W! Great reflections!

  26. Great reflection, it looks like a monster rearing up out of the depths


  27. Snygga reflektioner!

  28. Thank you very much Hans!!

  29. Stunning photo! Everything is so still, not even a ripple on the water.

  30. Wow Hans, what a great reflection in the dark water.

  31. Great shot! I love to see older things that still have life in them.

  32. Bron blev fin i svart/vitt! 🙂

  33. Great shot! I love the complexity of the line patterns….including the reflections.

  34. lol, when I read Skansen, I thought it was Stockholm 🙂 Nice image.

  35. Awesome shot!

  36. This is just an awesome bw post, Hans !!!

  37. Den var annorlunda! Fint med speglingarna i vattnet!

  38. Jeg har en fornemmelse av at jeg har hatt gleden av å se denne – men ikke så fint som dette. Jeg er ikke helt sikker på hvilken av de to utgavene du har ute jeg foretrekker – er bare misunnelig 🙂

  39. Lovely! Love the various shades of black and white with the reflection!

  40. i love the lines in this – beautiful!

  41. Very nice-the water is so still. Great reflection.

  42. Excellent lighting!

  43. Konstruktionen og dens spejlinger giver et fint komponeret mønster i det sort-hvide foto.

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