Holocaust Memorial – Berlin

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is an international memorial day on 27 January.
My contribution to: “The Weekend In B&W”“Black & White Wednesdays”

45 comments on “Holocaust Memorial – Berlin”

  1. Beautiful photo – must be very moving in person.

    • Debatable, Lynda. I sincerely do hope I don’t offend you or anyone else; the image is great art and perfect for monochrome, but I find the location impressive, depressive and oppressive in person. It’s massive concrete and a happening in the middle of Berlin.
      Very moving is a visit to a former concentration camp in Dachau, Auschwitz, Buchenwald or Sachsenhausen.
      Thank you for this great tribute and memorial monument, Hans!

      • I wouldn’t be offended! 🙂 I think things like this are very personal and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’ve never seen it in person so interesting to hear about its location – context really can change your perception/experience of something, can’t it? The photo to me shares the same austerity and somberness of other memorials I have seen – like the “wall of tears” at the Holocaust Museum in Houston. I don’t know why, but sometimes I find these abstract memorials just as moving and thought-provoking as the exhibits with more personal attributes- such as the room with thousands of shoes in the DC Holocaust Museum. I’ve never been to any of the concentration camps – I can imagine a visit would be very emotional!

  2. Very effective image and perspective.

    I remember going to one of the ‘camps’ on a tour of Europe in 1976, but don’t remember any of the memorials. One of those tragic eras in world history that seems to be repeating itself over and over again in the current day. I am continually horrified at the treatment of prisoners in modern times.

  3. In the simple composition you have captured beauty of a memorial of horrific times. I do not think I could go to one of the camps, it would be just to much to bear.

  4. Flotte geometriske former i bildet ditt! Perfekt i svart/kvitt.

  5. A symbolic place and a beautiful achievement

  6. Your photograph is a stark reminder…and repetitive blocks that seem to go on and on. Your post reminds me of our visit to Dachau back in the seventies… a cold stark place. We only went into the museum section of photographs and information…couldn’t face the reality of the rest of the place. I also remember feeling I should be there and should NOT be there…a sense of guilt definitely.

  7. What an interesting perspective!

  8. Very impressiv !
    Thank you for the reminder.

    ♥ly greetings from germany

  9. nice and interesting and loved that shadows and shape 🙂

  10. Excellent choice for b/w this week especially. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful shot and a timely reminder

  12. I find no words for this that would do it justice. Thank you for sharing,

  13. Another excellent photo in b&w from you!

  14. Powerful photo. Well done.

  15. Very powerful and creative BW photography!

    Happy Wednesday,
    artmusedog and carol
    ps. Cape Ann MA buried in snow!

  16. It is a very moving and very powerful , impressive memorial. I visited several times and only on a cold and foggy early morning in November the abstract huge blocks in their varying height really got to me.
    You took a very dignified perspective, thank you!

  17. What a wonderful reminder for us to never let anything like that happen ever again.

  18. Very chilling. great composition!

  19. Powerful image and a sad reflection.

  20. En abstrahering som bare ve enorm – en fin måte å “markere dagen”

  21. Det minnesmerket gir meg fullstendig gåsehud.
    Takk for bildet og passende siden man nettopp har feiret befrielsen av Auschwitz.

    Ha en fin kveld.


  22. Great photo of that symbolic place. Well done

  23. Wonderful lines and tones.

  24. Bildet i seg selv finner jeg meget spennende med alle dets flater og nyanser i lys og skygge. Bakteppet for dette monumentet derimot, er alt annet enn tiltalende. Flott og høyaktuelt bidrag, Hans!
    Ønsker deg samtidig en riktig god helg:)

  25. A wonderful photo.

  26. Touching photograph. The stark site is a sad remembrance.

  27. A very chilling composition!

  28. Excellent photographic poem, I like how you’ve captured!

  29. Superb capture. Love the texture and the light and shadows.

    Visiting from BLACK AND WHITE WEEKEND.


  30. Interesting composition.

  31. Impressive shot. The memorial pattern gives me sad feeling.

  32. Neat shot! Very effective in black and white.

  33. Never saw this memorial (never went to Berlin). But your view is very strong. B&W fits well!

  34. Stark bild! Må vi aldrig glömma!

  35. Excellent photo in B&W of this impressive memorial!

  36. Hans thank you very much !!

  37. Snyggt foto och så aktuellt. 🙂

  38. fin komposition av de strama linjerna. 🙂

  39. Et knallbra, men også et sterkt bilde!

  40. è molto inquietante, proprio come quell’orrore di cui si DEVE conservare la memoria

  41. Noget sier meg at også du Hans – som meg selv – er opptatt i disse sommerens tider? Det fordi dette var det eneste billedet jeg fant i farten – som jeg ikke har kommentert. Dog er det veldig depressivt – i sin påmindelse om en tid vi – heldigvis – har lagt bak oss! Likevel: Billedet er flott – men her avstår jeg fra å gi poeng – i respekt for ofrene for Holocaust 😦 Håper du forstår meg?

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