The Rose

My contribution to: “The Weekend In B&W”“Black & White Wednesday”“I Heart Macro”

45 comments on “The Rose”

  1. Ein ganz wundervolles Foto. Bin begeistert.

    LG Mathilda ❤

  2. Superbly done Hans! Very beautiful!

  3. Stunning image.

  4. Little lacey and some diamonds 🙂
    This is so beautiful!
    Have a fine day

  5. A beautiful picture, really beautiful rose ..!

  6. Väldigt snygg bild på rosen!

  7. Beautiful details, great picture!

  8. Man trenger ikke fargene for å kjenne glede av en duggfrisk rose

  9. Beautiful light and a pleasant coolness side!

  10. Jeg ville egl. ikke ha’ troet, at en smuk og farvet (rød?) rose ville ta’ sig så godt ud uden farver…. – men det gør den!!!

  11. This beauty need no colour to shine. A great tribute to B&W, Hans.

  12. Stunning! I love the combined clarity and softness.

  13. Hans this is absolutely exquisite!!! I do hope you will share this with I Heart Macro over on my blog too:-)

  14. Absolutely beautiful!

  15. Ååå,- fantastisk flott fotografert, Hans,- så lekkert og delikat med nydelig selektiv fokus!
    Ønsker deg en alle tiders helg:)

  16. Simply beautiful.

  17. nice black and white. love it with the droplets.
    greetings from Belgium

  18. Vilket elegant och vackert foto av rosen! Så snyggt i b&w!

  19. Thank you very much, very good! Happy weekend!

  20. I love the glistening rose.

  21. Exquisite and elegant BW shot!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  22. Wow. Crisp, delicate, and vivid come to my mind as I look at your photo.

  23. the absence of color did not take anything away from the beauty of this rose. well done in capturing its essence.


  24. Hans, this is the perfect shot for Valentines Day with the lovely rose covered with dew.

  25. Great composition!
    Have a great day!

  26. Stunning! Perfect photo in B&W!

  27. awesome and excellent details 🙂

  28. So sensitive and amazing well captured! I love the relief and texture of the droplets on the petals that as unfold in a pale motion… Exquisite picture and composition in b&w!

  29. blommor och vattendroppar är aldrig fel. Och i svartvitt blir det även bättre. 🙂

  30. Så vackert med de skimrande vattendropparna. Fint fångat! 🙂

  31. Absolutely beautiful!


  32. The water droplets are stunning! Great shot, as always.

  33. I’m so happy you shared this with I Heart Macro Hans, truly it is an exquisite photo!

  34. Wow- an awesome shot!

  35. Måtte bare skrive “VAKKERT”.
    Klem 🙂

  36. Great picture! Beautiful details and tones

  37. Great b&w shot, Hans.

  38. incredibilmente bella, è tridimensionale

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