Mother-in-Law’s Cushion

This Cactus, Echinocactus grusonii, has a lot of names: Golden Ball, Golden Barrel Cactus and Mother-in-Law’s Cushion. In Norwegian it is called “Gullkulekaktus”.
This close-up will be my contribution to: “Black and White Wednesdays” – “The Weekend In B&W”

36 comments on “Mother-in-Law’s Cushion”

  1. Flot billede, Hans. Man bør vælge sin siddeplads med omhu 🙂

  2. Very interesting detail…ouch 🙂

  3. Et besnærende bilde og et navn jeg håper du ikke viser din svigermor 🙂

  4. Too funny ~ great shot and very creative for BWW ~ thanks ~ ^_^

  5. Great shot and I am perhaps a little too amused by its name!

  6. Ouch, looks painful! Nice photo though.

  7. Great photo. Well done

  8. Detta är mycket bra, excellent!

  9. Ha! I hope you didn’t sit on it!

  10. Those spines look vicious! Excellent macro.

  11. Fun caption and photographed so well.

  12. ÅÅÅÅ. en kaktus, dette var flott og spesielt!

  13. Oh, that’s funny! And a great b&w shot.

  14. Fantastic close up – thought I don’t like the name!!! I have a wonderful mother-in-law….now mother’s cushion, that would perhaps apply in my case…. Thanks for linking up!

  15. Nice one, great macro shot

  16. Great details and a beautiful photo.

  17. How to make a regular pattern out of nature, good one.

  18. Stilig macro, spennende å se på,,

  19. Very nice, protects its beauty, delicious photo!

  20. Very nice. I like it.

  21. Så stilig bilde! Eg får assosiasjonar til piggtråd og stengsel. Kaktusar veit å forsvare seg…

  22. Symmetry in alignment… or in a funny note : “ouch” … be careful at the long spins!!! 🙂 Have a sunny summer day!

  23. Great shot. I have a cactus like this – didn’t know it was called ‘mother-in-law’s cushion’!

  24. Thank you very much Hans!

  25. this one says: Don´t get close!

  26. WOW! That’s all I have….


  27. Is that for your Mother-in-Law or what she has for you to sit on? ;o) Great image!

  28. Känner stickorna i fingret 🙂
    Snygg bild!

  29. Stilig 🙂
    Har nett gifta “bort” son min, etter mange års sambuarskap”, heldigvis omtalar vi kvarandre vàrt og mildt, mi svigerdatter og meg*ler*

  30. Fint mønster – men ikke godt at sidde på….. (selvom det kan være godt at sætte sig på svigermor før hun sætter sig på dig 😉 )

  31. Hello, I discover your beautiful blog
    A nice idea with this result catus and very graphic, I love
    Good day and see you soon – Pat

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