Ila Grain Silo

A landmark in Trondheim!
My contribution to: “Black And White Wednesdays”  –  “The Weekend In B&W”


42 comments on “Ila Grain Silo”

  1. Great shot!! We had that kind of huge silo here too where I live but they took it down few years ago.

  2. Yikes! Such a huge structure! I love the contrast between those huge silos – so massive, tall and plain – and the buildings that surround them – much more charm…perhaps older? Perfect for black and white – the strength of the lines and sturctures really stand out! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love the contrasting lines and the juxtaposition of old and new.

  4. Love the lines and the hint of smoke.

  5. Nice angle shot in BW for BWW ~

  6. The buildings in the foreground to give perspective make the grain elevators strikingly impressive.

  7. Wow…those are some huge cylos. Love the contrast between the tall and small. Great perspective and lines

  8. Big silos! They make a great picture for b & w.

  9. Trodde først du var på besøk i Buvika jeg faktisk, men slike siloer finnes det val mange av, flotte myke former selv om det er betong!!

  10. Dersom en vil se hvordan man kan blande linjer og kurver er det bare å besøke din blogg.

  11. A beautiful photo and monumental industrial building.

  12. Impresive building! Great B&W!
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Those silos make a powerful structure; I would love to crop out the houses and then turn up the contrast, very strong lines there.

  14. Fin komposition och fina linjer!

  15. I like the combination of the older looking buildings in front of the modern silos.

  16. The cyclindrical shapes become so defined and powerful in black and white.

  17. En enorm byggnad, mycket snyggt i svartvitt.

  18. Great shot, Hans! I love the contrast between the big, modern towers and the small, older-looking buildings in front of them.

  19. Litt av et landemerke, blir den stående?
    Ha en fin helg.
    Klem 🙂

  20. Imponerade byggnader. Ser riktigt fint ut i svartvitt.
    Ha en bra dag

  21. This looks very like the old cereal factory we have in our town


  22. WOW — really interesting!

  23. Wonderful landmark.

  24. That’s BIG! Great lines and lovely light.

  25. good to have the houses in shot to compare how huge they are

  26. What a stunning building. So good in black and white

  27. What a beautiful picture. Brilliant job!

  28. Very strong and bold lines.

  29. Truly magical! The play of light, shadows and shapes give a lot of strength!

  30. Lovely photo illustrating big, bigger, and biggest. Like your composition.

  31. Such giant buildings… compared to the normal size buildings situated in front! So interesting aspect!! All the best!

  32. This shot is awesome. Very simple lines that make a great monochrome shot.

  33. They are tall and huge. Wonderful B&W pic.

  34. loved those lines 🙂

  35. Stilig bilde fra Ila, og flott komponert med trehusene foran.

  36. Flott bilde av kornsiloene, Hans! Kontrasten av gammelt og nytt er glimrende, flott lys.

  37. Herlige kontraster i dette fine foto, Hans!

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