The Weekend In B&W – “The Sun”

The Easter Sun 2014.
My contribution to: “The Weekend In B&W”

34 comments on “The Weekend In B&W – “The Sun””

  1. Super!!! ♥

    LG Mathilda ☼

  2. Wow this gives your eyes something to focus and refocus on! Awesome photo

  3. Det var tøft, blir nesten litt hypnotisert av å se på den sorte ringen i midten 🙂

  4. Dieses Foto hat eine Hypnosewirkung !

  5. Hej Hans! HL=huge like… I love black & white images… 🙂 have a great day and sunny greetings, cheers! Mélanie

  6. makes the travel 😉

  7. Kult … skal ikke se for lenge på dette. Blir litt snål i øya, hehe

  8. Certainly moves as you scroll.

  9. Wow! Quite a photo!

  10. Fine composition. This strong graphic image pulses on my screen. Well done!

  11. That shot pops off the screen. Well done.

  12. Wow! That’s spectacular!

  13. Svarta strålar!;) Intressant!

  14. It does move when you scroll down!!! Great!

  15. Wow! Vilket häftigt foto!

  16. A great gym for the eyes. Fascinating illusion effects.

  17. Great photo and fantastic style.

  18. Great optical illusion!

  19. Delicious creation,’s caught me by this sun!

  20. Brilliant photo in B&W! Very artistic!! Happy Easter Weekend!

  21. what a great idea!

  22. WOW 🙂
    God påske, med sol 🙂

  23. utroilg stilig, enkelt og elegant bilde!

  24. Awesome shot, Hans. It’s like hypnotizing my eyes.

  25. Som farmor seier eg WOW saman med Mormor her 🙂

  26. Great interpretation of the sun!

  27. ouch ….. my eyes did not like it. 😦

  28. Ååååå så fint! Jeg blir helt svingstang av å titte for lenge! 😉

  29. BINGO – enkelt og greit!

  30. Wow, this really is amazing!

  31. Beautiful picture — I have no idea how you made it, but the result is astounding! Thank you. Hans, do you have two blogs? I know I’ve visited you and seen your beautiful pictures of birds and skies, and scenery, etc., but somehow I can’t seem to find you anywhere but here.

  32. Bella Giornata 🙂

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