The Weekend In B&W – “The House On The Prairie”

Photo taken at Andøya – Nordland, Norway.
My contribution to: “Sky Watch Friday” – “The Weekend In B&W”

44 comments on “The Weekend In B&W – “The House On The Prairie””

  1. The B/W adds a touch of sadness and mystery!

  2. Nice photo, Hans! Reminds me of all my days in “The wild West” (= Western Jutland 😉 )

  3. mette molta tristezza nell’animo questa tua bellissima solitudine

    puts a lot of sadness in your beautiful soul solitude

  4. My first thought when I saw your capture for the day, Hans, was “Little House on the Prairie”!! I read the book to my classroom when I taught and to my own children at home and we all loved it. Your photo is the perfect picture!! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Bingo….this is my favorite post this week of the sky and land.
    JM Illinois

  6. A wonderful, dramatic capture, Hans – thank you for sharing.

  7. Dynamic photography with all the right elements for SWF ~ Happy Weekend to you ^_^

    artmusedog and carol

  8. What an interesting little house, and beautiful b&w shot!!

  9. The little building has a dramatic sense of loneliness beneath that heavy, dramatic sky. Great photo.

  10. Det ble så ødslig. Men flott.
    Ha en fin dag 🙂

  11. Yes, a good picture, excellent landscape with a sky full of beautiful gray!

  12. Ein super Foto!!

    LG Mathilda

  13. Beautiful, I think the black and white does something extra to this spherical landscape.

  14. I love this shot. You captured the wide expansive landscape and sky so well with the house to give the scene scale.

  15. Beautiful! I love to see prairie scenes from other countries!

  16. Awesome composition. Very lovely scene.

  17. Tiny house, lots of open space – lovely!

  18. such a lonely place! Great execution of the black and white tones. 🙂

  19. Wonderful photo. Like the clouds.

  20. Superb image and so great for monochrome!

  21. Flott bilde i sort hvitt,
    og nydelig motiv fra et herlig sted 🙂

  22. wow that is an impressive view of the sky in b&w, really allows the horizon to shine

  23. Öde plats och ett underbart fotto i B&W

  24. The solitary hut and the clouds make a good composition. I would be tempted to crop out the fence on the left; I found it kept pulling my eye away from the hut.

  25. What a view! The hut really draws your eyes in….never mind the fence!

  26. Riktigt snyggt fotograferat!

  27. Underbart vackert landskap och gulligt hus!

  28. Came here again from B&W meme. Still love this.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  29. Thank you very much Hans!

  30. For et flott bidrag nok en gang, Hans! Et bilde som inneholder alt, og som passer så godt i s/h!
    Ønsker deg en flott helg:)

  31. Nice comp, it really makes the viewer feel small in comparison.

  32. The scale of the house against the HUGE sky is stunning, Very clever shot


  33. I love the feeling of isolation in this shot.

  34. Wonderful and very impressive photo in B&W!

  35. looks great, I love the countryside.

  36. Simply wonderful, this house in this landscape. The clouds are awesome!

  37. Like a “tale”… vision in b&w under the heavy & cloudy sky …

  38. Fine mood created by this b&w. It is lonely out there.

  39. oh.. i like this!!!

  40. Spennede komposisjon og stemning!

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