The Weekend In B&W – “Reflections In Riga”

Photo from a great hotel, – Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel – Riga.
(in colors?, – just click on the color photo at the end of the page)
My contribution to:  “The Weekend In B&W”  –  “Weekend Reflections”

40 comments on “The Weekend In B&W – “Reflections In Riga””

  1. Oi, tøft! Flotte linjer og perspektiv i bildet ditt!

  2. Bokstavelig talt INNERtier!

  3. Really effective reflection shot.

  4. Awesome lines, patterns and reflection.

  5. What a gorgeous photo!!!!

  6. Fantastic shot. I love the composition and reflection.

  7. Fantastic shot, I love everything about it!

  8. Terrific composition.

  9. A world of reflections. Wonderful.

  10. I really prefer the colored one, even if in B& W the composition looks more cryptic and more intriguing.

  11. Great work and perspective.

  12. It looks great in black and white too!

  13. Wonderful play of lines and great B & W ! Cute Pic The perspective is perfect !

  14. Wow! Magnificent! Love it!

  15. Great!
    Have a nice weekend!

  16. naver seen a place like this before. Love it! Perfect for photography.

  17. Jo, jeg sa vel at jeg kanskje likte den i farger best, men isolert sett er det veldig spennende i svarthvitt også, må sies!
    Ha en flott helg, Hans:)

  18. The shot is amazing in b/w too…

  19. I like the little piles of snow for contrast.

  20. Not only the reflections, but also the patterns (horizontal, vertical, the stairs) make this such an interesting photo – I keep looking at it, and keep seeing more…Great job, Hans!

  21. That’s a great shot Hans!

  22. Riktigt fascinerande bild =) Gör sig super i svartvitt.

  23. Great composition, works well in b&w.

  24. wow, this is a cool shot!

  25. Amazing network of lines and tones. Terrific photo.

  26. Dette funker flott i svart-hvitt også. Fantastisk fint

  27. Man blir nästan lite yr! Snyggt fotat!

  28. This is a great shot, all the shapes and lines, it almost makes me eyes cross but then everything settles and I find there is so much detail to explore


  29. The leading lines and reflections are awesome!

  30. I almost got to go to Latvia. Your city seems just lovely. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

  31. Perfect symmetry and reflection.

  32. Gorgeous! I love all those lines and angles.

  33. Flott bilde! Og dermed fikk jeg sikkert svar pä mitt spörsmäl… du fotograferer i farger! 🙂

  34. this is absolutely stunning 🙂


  36. Utrolig kult med linjene, speilingene og trappene som skaper ekstra dybde. .

  37. kjempe tøft bilde, og fine refleksjoner og symmetri. Igjen s/h konvertering er sååå fin 🙂

  38. toll ganz toll …da verirren sich ja die Augen
    LG vom katerchen

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